Who are you guys?

We are a group of marketing professionals who want to leave their impact on brands and the digital world by enhancing the digital process of how brand interact with their customers through their platforms of their choice and executing the campaigns they need to achieve the desired goals.

That’s the “professional talk!”, However, we like to introduce ourselves as a group of geeks and creative marketing enthusiasts, working together to create something different in a world of statistics and algorithms.

We like to do everything with a little bit of passion in order to give the best work and results to our customers around the world.

Tell me your story!

Uranus Agency is a Digital Marketing / Web Development agency started back in 2017 as small project with just three employees working together to create something different in the local market with Coupon Project.
Now it’s 2022, and our team is getting bigger with a group of creative minds aiming for the star!

And quoting one of the founders, Maria Turkmani:
“We started with only 3 people working, and we couldn’t have dreamed of getting to this point. Now your presence with us is the real success.”

Now, after all those years, we decided to dive more in the world of digital marketing and leave a mark by using different approaches in all marketing aspects.

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Why the name?

All marketing agencies are now located on Earth! It’s crowded, and we liked the colors on planet Uranus, so we rented a rocket and left.

So, what are our services?

We offer a wide range of services from web development to digital & social media marketing, SEO, creative copywriting, consultation, designing ads campaigns and more.

Checkout what we can offer you here:

What make you guys different?

We like to have fun with work, and that reflects on everything we do from designs to content and more. A job is a job, and we get our tasks done within a strict time frame. However, and at the same time, we try to break the ice with team members as well as clients with a bit of humor and out-of-the-box creativity.

Show me your work

Here’s a gallery of what we do, and we’re updating it constantly with new projects.


So, what’s the next step?

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